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Pack Goat Kid Information




We breed our pack goat kids to have desirable packing physical attributes including backs with an emphasis on balanced/flat topline, sturdy straight legs, and proper toe orientation. 


Our pack goats come from proven, established, closed herds local to Arizona. Goats are tested for CAE, CL, Johne's, and Q Fever disease. A huge goal for us and our associates is breeding healthy, long-lived goats. 2023 testing negative!

Continued Support for All Past and Future Clients

Buying a goat from Lazy Ranch Pack Goats means that you are joining our family.  We are here in the long term to be a resource for all past and prospective buyers. We are willing to mentor buyers and provide recommendations and resources for common questions including training, feeding, and overall goat health. We are a proud member of the North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA) and adhere to their set standards and breeders code of ethics for buying and selling pack goats.


Not all goat breeds have the same temperament. We go all out on socializing our pack goat kids so that they are ready to be in a pack goat string and work as a team. Most of our kids are bottle babies. Even kids that are with their mom are bottle fed to encourage them to bond with humans. Every goat kid we have is treated as part of the family. They spend a majority of each day interacting with our family, dogs, and other critters. 


We have a variety of goats including Alpines, Oberhaslis, LaManchas, and crosses. Our intent is to create a team where each goat brings their own unique qualities to enhance the overall pack string. We value the strength and size of an Alpine. We recognize the mellow and calm temperament of an Oberhasli. We enjoy the affectionate and clown-like personality of a LaMancha. Cross-bred goats can demonstrate some of the best characteristics of these goat breeds. 

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