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Pack Goat Adventures

Lazy Ranch Pack Goats is all about making the wilderness of of the Western United States accessible to everyone. Pack goats comfortably carry up to 25% of their body weight, up to 45 lbs each, and are extremely athletic. These qualities make pack goats perfect for long treks into the wilderness. When backpacking with pack goats, you can hike with minimal gear as the goats can carry food, tents, cookware, and more. The goats wear goat-specific saddles created to help them carry weight evenly and securely.  Our goats are extremely friendly and social. Everyone who meets them can't help but love them.  

Are you looking for the ultimate backpacking experience? We offer local day hikes, overnight hikes, and 3-4 day backpacking trips. We have tons of locations you can choose from! We can get further into the backcountry than you have ever been, and the best part is that you only have to carry your daypack! We will use the pack goats to transport all the gear and food. You will need to bring a daypack and a sleeping bag, and we will provide all other gear. Together we will plan a special meals (REAL food and some MRE's). We can even have a photographer with us to capture all your unforgettable memories. There will be time for fly fishing, day hikes, and naps in the hammock. This is an all inclusive experience. Max of 6 people. Please contact us for additional details! 



Let us take the load off your back. You will carry your daily essentials and the goats will pack everything else up to the main campsite. 


We will hike in to our destination and set up the campsite for you. We can even provide and cook all your meals. 

Tours: Tours


Experience stunning locations all at your own pace. 


Spin rod fishing and fly fishing locations all over! Bring your own gear or let us pack it for you. 


Adventure Packages Available

Please inquire for more information and pricing on all adventure packages.

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